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Riff Raff Drama Group Presents – What are the Odds?


Set in the 1980s, Doreen and Peter have just moved into a rundown suburban apartment and finances are at an all-time low. But when Peter brings home a stranger who suddenly dies in their home, Doreen concocts a scam to pretend it is Peter who has died so that they can claim the insurance money from his death. But things don’t go according to plan when their secret is exposed to an array of unusual characters who also want in on a piece of the action. What are the odds of them getting away with it?

An hilarious two act comedy with intriguing dialogue and fast paced action!  Written and directed by Dave Tiernan.


22. juna 2023. u 8:00 UTC
24. juna 2023. u 8:00 UTC


Riverbank Arts Center
Glavna ulica
Županije Kildare
W12 D962



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