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G.M. Hopkins society Celebrity Concert

The Hans Pålsson will play Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert on a magnificent Steinway in Newbridge.

Hans Pålsson, the pianist, is one of Sweden´s most famous and beloved concert pianists with success both in Sweden and internationally. He has played as soloist with conductors such as Rafael Frübeck de Burgos, Evgeny …

Hans has a breadth of repertoire from Bach to the present day with great emphasis on classicism, including Mozart and Beethoven sonatas and piano concertos . Over 60 solo works and piano concertos have been dedicated to him and he is an ambassador for the new music.

The highlight of our 2021 Hopkins Festival will be Hans Palsson Concert. One of Sweden’s most famous and beloved concert pianists, Hans will thrill us all, one more time, on a wonderful Steinway in the College Theatre.

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Oktobar 9, 2021
8: 00 pm - 10: 00 pm UTC


Newbridge College
Županije Kildare


€ 15 - € 25